Restoring Vehicles to Pre-Accident Condition since 1979

In case of an accident

Do not panic.

Keeping calm is the first condition for you to deal with the situation.

Call 911 or a local emergency phone number right away if any of the cars occupants appear to be hurt or you suspect they may have injuries.

Do not admit guilty on the spot. You may not be aware of the full picture, and taking responsibility will make difficult for you or your insurance company lawyers to prove the opposite later on.

Collect information from the other party involved. Important data for you to obtain, but not limited to, is license plate, car year, make and model, insurance carrier name and address, policy number, driver name and address, driver's license number, and a contact telephone number, which we advise to check on the spot for accuracy.Many people, because of the circumstances, forget to collect important data at the accident scene. You may have a form from your insurance agent, but in case you don't have one, you can use our printable form, for you to fill out in case you need, and on your own responsibility. Download it free (PDF), and keep a printout in your car.

If you think the other party is responsible for the incident, you may want to consider obtaining a police accident report , and in such case, you need to call the local law enforcement authority, usually police man, to the place of the accident. You can also agree to have your repair estimated by a collision repair shop as long as the other party agrees to pay for the repair.

If you think you are responsible and the damage appears to be limited, come to the shop for an estimate of repairs. The cost of repairs may be less or slightly more than your deductible. This can prevent your insurance rate from going up.


It is a common situation for us as a repair shop to fix a person's car and have the repair paid by the responsible party